Software Quality Management Plan

This section of the wiki is meant for users who wish to gain familiarity with the code-base and who will eventually be contributing to the project. The details described here are not set in stone, however, adherence to the ideals presented in this section will make a PR much more attractive.

Repository details

  • The entire code and development is conducted publicly on GitHub
  • The C++ engine is here (or in the upper right)
  • The wiki itself can be edited (by the pencil icon) or here
  • Feel free to reach out to the core-developers to help with features being worked on

Style Guide

  • The d-SEAMS ecosystem consists of a C++ back-end
  • This is supplemented by a front-end in Lua
  • Initial configuration is through a YAML input
  • It is built with Nix (and CMake)
  • The visualization is effected often through python interfaces to OVITO

Hence a separate section for dealing with the various styles and how they tie into each other is here.


  • The basic premise is that the documentation serves as a single source of truth. The Gitlab style-guide on documentation and collaboration is an excellent starting point.
  • Every change should be documented, along with the rationale behind the change